Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Dog Meetings

Gov. UK Covid guideline: 14th September 2020.

The three separate area's can safely accommodate 6 people in each area. A maximum of 18 people/families may be present at any one meet.

Minimise the numbers attending from your family and whenever possible, children may attend when absolutely necessary. Children must be supervised at all times being old enough to understand and adhere to social distancing rules.

We are required to record attendees by name and contact details. To do this you must book each week by sending a 'whatsApp' message by Monday, you are also required to let us know if you cannot attend so this can be recorded.

The hand sanitiser provided has to be used and your temperatures taken at the entrance gate on arrival.

You are required to agree to the above and adhere to the 1-2 metre social distancing rule, from other people attending.

Fun 4 All Dog Club NHS QR is displayed on the Shed.

Health & Safety

When attending an Adult, Young Dog or Puppy Meeting, please be aware we do not accept any liability for accidental injuries, to either dogs or people from fast running dogs, play chasing squabbles or uneven ground.


Sit on a chair or stand well back nearer a fence, well away from fast running and playful dogs.

Do not stand in the gateways.

Wear flat comfortable full footwear.

Car Park

Please note when using the car park at Lubcloud Farm & Fun 4 All Dog Club, you do so at your own risk for any loss or damage to your property or vehicle.