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Secure Dog Field


Fun Starts Here at...


Gilbert's Gallop is over two and a half acres filled with fun activities with all-around high, secure stock fencing.  The field has attached air-lock car parking giving peace of mind when getting dogs from/to the car safely.


Exclusive use -for just your dogs or with friends 


Set in the beautiful countryside of the Oaks in Charnwood. The stunning views give a peaceful, tranquil setting for you, whilst your dogs will be enjoying the freedom, agility equipment and other fun activities, in a safe and secure environment.


Ideal for dogs with nervous natures preferring to exercise alone, those with reactive tendencies or dogs still learning to interact socially.


Take away the worry or stresses of walking and relax to enjoy dog ownership by giving them off-leash exercise with the freedom to run or play,  reducing frustrated destructive behaviours at home.


The security of our field makes it an ideal area for puppies, young dogs or rescue dogs to practice recalling techniques. 


We provide all activities for your dogs’ enjoyment and plenty of space for training. A wide range of agility equipment in a secure area is included at no extra cost.


If dogs want more fun, they'll love jumping on the trampolines and climbing the hay bales or running through the multiple tunnels. If you have a young or an elderly dog, you can set a course with the Hoopers frames available.


Make yourself a hot drink and sit on one of our picnic benches ideal for relaxing and watching your dogs enjoying themselves!


Easy secure online booking process with appointments for one to seven households of dogs.  Choose 30 minutes up to 2 hours per booking or more by prior arrangement.


Each booking is exclusively for you and your dogs.  Dog business providers are welcome to book with a maximum of five dogs per booking. 


Please read the Terms and Conditions as these are deemed as accepted on booking. * If you own a banned breed of dog on the Index of Exempted Dogs register see compliance requirements T&Cs


See our Facebook page for the latest news, updates and the late changes to our availability. Existing customers may request to join our Facebook member's Club

Secure dog walking field obstacles

Dog Infections 

Every year across the UK an outbreak may occur of a virus or bacterial infection, such as kennel cough or a gastrointestinal infection.  

These types of infections can be picked up by your dog from any public or secure dog area, spreading it to others. Therefore, if you have a booking and an unwell dog, please reschedule your booking or call for advice regarding your appointment. 

Responsible owners take precautions against kennel cough, intestinal worms and preventative flea treatments and will also have their dogs vaccinated annually. It is assumed all visiting dogs are protected.

Dogs playing

Fun and freedom to run...  they won't want to go home!

Great Dane intrigued by Gilberts Gallop

Tux-Big Foot!

Happy Great Dane

Gilbert (2011 to 2020)

Curious dog playing

Hi, I'm Ned!

Curious Great Dane

Bentley (2011 to 2022)

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