Terms and Conditions

Fun 4 All Dog Club - Apollo’s Park

Terms & Conditions



Apollo’s Park is located on a working livestock farm and livery yard. Horse riders, farm dogs or geese maybe in the car parking area when you arrive.

Dogs must be kept on lead until inside Apollo’s Park secure area.

Do not park alongside the stone wall at any time as these is designated for livery and farm visitors. Access is always required for large farm equipment at the top of the drive and between the buildings to the rear of the car park. The farm owners specify that you park at your own risk and liability for any loss or damage is not accepted, however caused, whilst using any facilities on Lubcloud Farm land.

Car Parking

Apollo's Park Secure Parking space is located behind the green covered gate with the coded padlock. This will enable you to get your dog’s safely from the car without the use of dog leads and enter the field directly via the small gate at the front of the parking space. If you use the secure parking space, you must leave this parking area on time, ready for the start time of the next customer. Alternatively you may use the main car park overlooking the field, keeping your dog lead until inside Apollo's field.

Car Parking at Dog Meetings

When attending meetings or group exclusive private hire you are required to park overlooking the Apollo's Park fields, were there is enough parking for 14 cars.

Cancellation and special offers

Full payment is due for cancellations made within 24 hours of session time. Adverse weather cancellation maybe offered at our discretion, the replacement of booking must be taken within 6 weeks of the initial booking on prepaid bookings.

Ground Conditions

Please be aware the car parking areas and inside Apollo's Park have uneven ground from general use, wildlife and dogs. Although we continually work to minimise damage, we cannot accept liability for injury to either dogs or people. We advise wearing flat, comfortable, and appropriate footwear to minimise the risk to you and your guests.

Exclusive Private Hire

Please arrive on time and leave promptly at the end of your booking. Your time includes entering and leaving, including driving away from our secure parking space.

On leaving the field ensure all the gates are closed and final gate secured with the coded padlock.

Early arrivals must wait in the car with your dog until the previous customer has vacated the field, avoiding disruption to others and dogs using the field.

Late arrivals will still need to vacate by the agreed time.

All three areas of Apollo Park are fully fenced to 5 ft 8 inches high, however we cannot ensure absolute security for every dog. Please contact us immediately if you arrive and you feel uncertain of its suitability for your dog.

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety for you and your dogs, we cannot be held liable for any losses or injuries to you, your visitors, or dogs, however caused.

Be aware the ground is uneven; you should wear appropriate footwear for your own safety.

Please do not leave dogs tethered or unattended.

Dog Waste/Rubbish

Please clean up after your dog and affected grass if necessary. Bins are provided for you to dispose of all bagged-up dog waste. Any other litter especially, waste that could be harmful to another dog, must be taken away with you. This includes broken or chewed dog toys, uneaten treats, drink bottles and cans, chewing gum and cigarette butts.


Report immediately any accidents, incidents, or damage to Helen on 07714931918


Do not allow your dog to dig, especially around the boundary fence. Any holes, where possible, must be refilled; all holes at boundary fences must be reported to ensure safety to other users. All agility equipment is used at your own risk, Fun 4 All Club - Apollo’s Park cannot be held responsible for accident and injuries sustained . Please do not allow your dog to jump on top of agility tunnels.

Unwell Dogs

Do not bring dogs who appear unwell, have been coughing or with symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea; this includes dogs who may have an infectious disease or known to have been in contact with an infected animal. As part of being a ‘responsible dog owner’, it is expected dogs are vaccinated and wormed.

Dog Meetings

Dogs temperaments are assessed for suitability to attend and to ensure they will benefit from free running play activity. You may be asked to put your dog on lead at times or advised not to attend if your dog is not going to benefit from social interaction with others.

Adult male dogs are only accepted if they are castrated. Bitches in season cannot attend a meeting for 3 to 4 weeks from onset.

Extendable leads are not allowed at group meetings, being deemed unsafe in group activities.

You must watch your dog for inappropriate behaviour, such as bothering or dominating other dogs not wanting play or interact with them.

All dog waste to be picked up and placed in the bins provided.

By attending a Dog Meeting, you are agreeing to the risks of free running dogs and terms set out. Should your dog become involved in a spat or fight with another dog(s) or person causing a loss or injury, you will be jointly responsible along with the other parties involved for all costs regardless of blame. Although we offer advice to curb inappropriate behaviour, we do not accept responsibility for any costs or losses at Fun 4 All Dog Club - Apollo’s Park.

Emergency contact

Helen Taylor 07714931918

A First Aid kit for people and dogs is provided in the shed on the left hand wall, along with emergency contact numbers for the nearest veterinary practice.

Thank you for your custom, we hope you enjoy our facilities and we look forward to you returning soon.

Booking mobile - 07548392407 via Phone, WhatsApp or text between 8 am and 8 pm

Online payments: Helen Taylor: Sort code 11 01 98: Account 00540604