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Social Meetings

Dog Social Meetings re-start

May 2024. 

We have weekly social meetings for dog-friendly,  fun-loving sociable dogs. 


The dogs have free-running play together in a safe and secure environment. All dogs are observed and monitored for safe interaction. Terms and conditions are provided before your first visit.


Social Meetings for Dog-Friendly Dogs

If you'd like to join a regular social meeting, please call to book - Helen 07714931918. 


Book a place for your dog from April 2024. Meetings are limited to a maximum of 12 per session for the best positive experience.


All male dogs must be neutered

Dog-friendly dogs may join one of the three week-day evening sessions based on breed size or type.  Each one-hour weekly session costs just £8


Come and enjoy the fun activities and have the pleasure of watching dogs play. You will be taking home a happy, tired, socially satisfied and relaxed pet.


Meet other like-minded pet owners in the fresh country air, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

A secure dog walking field

Are you worried about your dogs' suitability?


For your first visit to our social meetings, the utmost care is given to sensitively introduce dogs into the group with a short pre-assessment. 


New dogs will be gently introduced in our smaller separate area first, letting dogs meet on a one-to-one basis as a safety precaution for your dog if necessary. 


If you are struggling to understand your dogs' behaviour or uncertain it will be a positive experience, please call Helen at 07714931918 to discuss.


We endeavor to minimise risks through careful introductions and observation. However, not all risks can be prevented. 


Not all dogs are ready for free-running, multi-dog play in a large open environment.


Entire males, banned breed types and bitches in season are not accepted at group meetings. 

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