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how to book

Choose the Household Option for the Booking

If you are taking just your own dogs, select 1 household - the colour option is yellow.

Should you be meeting with family or friends with their dogs too, select the correct number of households.

Example: You are meeting with 2 friends - select an option for 3 Households.  

**Please note for each household booking, the equivalent number of cars are permitted to use the main car park and/or the secure parking area**

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Select Length of Booking for your Appointment

Each booking option has a 'length of booking time' from 30 to 120 minutes. Select your preferred choice.

continuing how to book

Select the appointment time. If you require only one booking, click on Continue to proceed to the next section of your information and payment. However, you may at this stage select more bookings before proceeding to the next section.


If it is a different time and day, click Add a Time. However, if you would like the same booking and time every day/week/month, click Recurring...

Appointment Time Options

Top Tip...

By using the  "Add a Time or Recurring"  you only complete your information once and make a single payment for all bookings. 

how to book image
how to book image

Your Information

Enter your name, mobile number and email details in "Your Information".

Complete the basic questionnaire, ensuring you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions. 

If this section is not complete you will not be able to proceed to "Payment"


Please note:

Check you have correctly entered your mobile number and email address as these are used for the confirmation and reminder emails and the gate code SMS.


If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check your Junk/Spam folder or check your email address was entered correctly


Your email address will be linked to your account if or when you create one. 


Note: if you click the unsubscribe at any time on any email, you will not receive further confirmations or SMS reminders. This will mean you will not have the required gate code to access Gilbert's Gallop. 

To re-enable emails, just click "Unsubscribe" again in one of the emails previously sent and choose "Re-subscribe" to re-enable your email reminders and text messages.

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Payment - Voucher Code

If you do not have a package voucher code, proceed to complete the credit or debit card payment information and click on "Pay & Confirm"


If you have a package voucher code or coupon enter and apply it in "Package, Gift or Coupon Code" then click "Confirm & Payment" 

Register for an Account - Download the Mobile App

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Register for an Account

While viewing the confirmation screen at the end of the booking process. You create a password, agree to our terms of service, and acknowledge the privacy policy. Once you click Sign up, you're ready to start using your client account.

How to log in

You can log in from the Availability - Book Here booking page using the  "SIGN UP -  LOGIN" 

at the top right-hand side of the page. Enter your email address and password, then click Log in.

Which appointments appear in the app?

If you are logged into your client account:

  • The app shows all appointments and package deals associated with your client account regardless if they were booked through the app or via the website. Top Tip: Create an account and always log in!

  • Appointments scheduled through the app are assigned to their client account, meaning you'll be shown those appointments when you log in on a PC/iPad


Note: If you book appointments through the website without logging into a client account, those appointments won't appear in the client app.

Note: If you aren't logged into your client account, the app will only show appointments booked through the app.

The app
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