Agility Classes discontinued from Winter 2016

However we now offer Private Hourly Secure Field Hire and weekly Social Drop In Meet & Greet sessions with full use of agility equipment and sole use of equipment for competitive training.

Agility is both physically and mentally stimulating, making it a perfect way to exercise and bond with your dog. We advocate using positive reward based methods of training designed to build on and improve the dogs confidence, it's ideal for shy or nervous dogs.

Dogs of all sizes can do agility including the bigger breed dogs. Many love the thrill of running through tunnels, going up and over a A frame time. or weaving in and out of the weave poles.

Younger dogs with bored or destructive behaviors need to reduce their pent up energy and frustrations often linked to these unwanted behaviors. They relax to help them learn control disciplines, refocusing attention towards the owner for instruction and leadership.

It is recommended not to allow you young dog to jump, weave or use a full height A frame or dog walk until at least 9/12 months of age depending on size and breed type.

Please ensure you attend a specific puppy agility class for training young dogs. Find a local experience trainer or club at