14th September 2014

    Open 10.30 am  -  Judging 12pm

    5th Birthday Party
    Dog Show

    see events page for details - come join the fun!


                                                             Weekday  Daytime & Evening Classes Classes       

    Evening classes Monday to Friday 7 pm  

    Monday 10.30 am Agility  - Thursday 10.30 am - Rally O  - Friday Obedience £7 per dog 

    Rally Obedience -  KC Good Citizens Puppy Foundations -  KC Good Citizens Bronze/Silver/Gold

    Equipment Private Hire (exp. handlers) From £10  

     Hire for 'off lead' exercise  or recall training 30 mins  £5 in secure fields

    Fun 4 All  Dog Club
    We offer fun levels up to advanced Agility & Obedience activities in a safe controlled environment.  Our classes are fun and friendly in a relaxed atmosphere for both you and your dog.   Our aim is for all dogs to be free of negative behaviours, to ensure all dogs attending classes have a positive learning experience, using reward based training.
     Fun 4 All Dog Club
                                                                        Fun 4 All at Mutlins       Fun 4 All at Mutlins 


    Flyball is brilliant fun for dogs  
    especially if they have high energy
    or need more than  a daily walk.


    Why not join our combined Flyball and Agility class?

    It doesn't matter what size or breed 
    of  pet dog  you own to join our
    fun,  relaxed and friendly classes.


    Having a Great Danes myself, it was 
    important they 
    didn't miss out 
    on the 
    fun with all other dogs and puppies

    We have two full sets of Agility equipment ideal for dogs of all 
    shapes, sizes and abilities.

    Adams Agility Equipment 
    met the challenge of building the 
    extra wide equipment 
    bigger, heavier breeds. 

    Our equipment is strong enough for
    Great Danes yet wide and low enough for beginners and younger dogs.

    KC Good Citizens Obedience
     & Rally Obedience


    Learn basic commands to everyday 
     real life skills in the regular 
    daytime and evening classes.
    We are a  Kennel Club Good Citizens listed club for our Obedience & Puppy classes. 

    Rally Obedience is  for dogs over 6 months old with basic sit, down, stay  skills....everything else will be taught in a fun and interesting  way to improve your dogs skills.

    Ask about our 
    one two one 
    obedience, walking 
    or agility sessions

    Please use a flat or half check 
    fabric or leather collar and lead.


    The law requires your 
    dog  ID tag 
    to have your name and address 
    including postcode.