Secure Dog Walking Field

November 2021 Update

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Online Booking - December 6th, we are changing to the online booking system by Acuity Squarespace Scheduling.

It is a flexible and reliable software package that will offer an improved process for customers to book from our selection of up to 19 booking types, including Special Packge offers and Gift Vouchers.

It offers an App for your phone or tablet, making bookings easier. The massive benefit is for the way customers can book in the future. It is a simpler, clearer and easier process to follow and perfect for those choosing to take the discounted offers.

Dog Social Meetings have been great fun for the dogs , making many new friends, building their confidence to enjoy a good run around together and going on the agility equipment or through the tunnels.

The social meetings have now ended for 2021 and we are looking to restart in Spring 2022.

The pandemic This is still an onging for us all across the UK, as the threat has not left us yet with new strains spreading across the world.

We request that you still use our hand sanitiser provided and take all precautions as necessary. We are continuing to take safety measures at Gilbert's Gallop to help keep down any rise in the local infection rates where we can.

Each booking has exclusive, private use of all our three separate gated secure areas.

Ideal for dogs with poor social skills to exercise them without distractions. A safe and secure area to practise their obedience skills and to avoid destructive behaviours through play and exercise, in our large open space that has fun activities.

Take away the worry of walking dogs with nervous natures ot poor social skills . It is ideal for dogs that are learning new skills and puppies can experience unrestrictive freedom of a large open space.

There is plenty of free-running space, agility equipment to try out, trampolines to jump on, multiple tunnels to run through and hay bales to climb. Additionally, in the New year they will be able to learn to run a Hoopers course... all for your dogs' enjoyment!

Ideal for practising the all-important recall training, exercise the escape artist and take away your fear from walking highly driven, energised dogs.

The gated entrance to our single secure car parking space takes you directly into Gilbert's Gallop field, ideal for getting multiple dogs safely from your vehicle. The main car park offers more space if you choose to book a multi-household booking, but always keep dogs on the lead until inside the secure field.

All activities and agility equipment are provided for dog use only, see our T&C's.

Hot drinks facilities (tea, coffee and hot chocolate) and bottled refreshments are available for a small additional cash payment. Water is also provided for your dog and bins for your bagged dog waste (please take home all other waste).

Full of fun, free running exercise and activities.

A positive experience for you and your dog!

You rang, M'Lud?

So much to do and space to run around in... don't want to go home!

Hi, I'm Ned!

Bentley's Elvis impression!

"Tux to Tower - requesting permission to take off"