Gilbert's Gallop Secure Dog Walking Field

Full of fun, free running exercise with stimulating activities!

Welcome to Gilbert's Gallop Secure Dog Walking Field for free-running, exclusive dog exercise in over two acres of fully secure, high fenced field. See our availability or Book Here

Your dog will enjoy the activities whilst you can relax in the peaceful, quiet countryside of Oaks in Charnwood - open daily from 6am up to 9pm.

We provide lots of fun and stimulating activities for your dogs - agility equipment for fun or training, trampolines to jump, multiple tunnels to run through and giant hay bales to climb. You can even set a course with either of the two sizes of Hoopers frames, ideal for an older or young dog to learn to run a course, without the impact of jumping!

Everything is included and provided exclusively just for you and all your own dogs, please see full Terms and Conditions. Book per household... no need to pay for extra dogs! You can even have family or friends with all their dogs join you for the fun and freedom, select from the one to seven multiple household booking.

Dog business providers are welcome with a maximum of 5 dogs per booking.

We offer a range of booking options for one to seven households and money saving package deals, all valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Look at the benefits and features at Gilbert's Gallop

  • Reassurance for a dogs first-time off-leash experience. Ideal for a puppy, adolescent or rescue dog

  • Safety to exercise highly driven or 'escape artist' types of dogs in a large secure area

  • Exclusive use - remove worry and stress of exercising reactive or nervous dogs in public places

  • Release the pent-up or frustrated energised dogs with quality exercise avoiding destructive behaviours

  • Stimulate dogs with the equipment and activities provided

  • Practice in a safe area a dogs obedience skills and recall training to 'proof' skills outdoors

  • Safe air-lock secure parking - perfect for getting multiple dogs from / to a vehicle safely*

  • Bring all your own dogs on a one household booking - no need to pay for extra dogs. Please refer to our T&C's

  • Share the experience with family or friends by choosing a one up to seven household booking option

  • Relax with a hot drinks or cold drink available in our tea hut

  • Picnic at one of the benches or tables available across the field, enjoy the stunning views

  • Water provided for dogs

  • Doggy waste bins for bagged dog waste

*The main car park offers more space if you choose a multi-household booking option. However, always keep dogs on lead until safely inside the secure field. Lubcloud is a working farm.

Catch me if you can!

Such a lot to shout about... it's brill here!

I'll tell you all about Gilbert's Gallop!

See our Book Now page for current availability, booking options and prices

Best Deal

Early Riser 1 household booking between 6-7 am - 30 minutes £4.50

Money Saving Special Packages

Buy 5 get 1 booking Free for 30 minutes £30 or 60 minutes £50

Choose a multiple household appointment to meet with family or friends with their dogs, up to a maximum 7 households

During the late spring, summer and autumn months, we run weekly regular evening adult dog social meetings, perfect for dog-friendly-dogs. More details here

These sessions are not aimed to train dogs to be sociable, please enquire futher information or advice. Refer to our T&C's

  • Safe, Secure high fencing

  • Competition-standard agility equipment

  • Large and standard tunnels for fun runs

  • Giant hay bales to climb

  • Trampolines to jump and bounce

  • Hoopers, pause boxes to teach new skills

  • Dog tables for dogs to sit, stand or stay!

  • Picnic tables

  • Tea making facilities in Gilberts Tea Hut

Business Users Welcome...

  • Dog Walkers

  • Home Boarders

  • Dog Trainers

  • All booking options available

  • Use of all equipment

  • Seperate dogs into one of three areas

  • Secure air-lock parking

  • Maximum 5 dogs per visit

Fun 4 All Dog Club

Gilbert's Gallop Secure Dog Walking Field

Charley Road,


LE12 9YA

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