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Pepper Loves her time on the hay bales

Little Archer




"Niska enjoying having a mad run around and exploring agility"

"Audrey chilling out after a lot of fast running"

"Fan and Tom"


"Gino and Jasper"

"Ralp jumping with joy"

"Poppy enjoying the ha bales

"Diesel loving his first visit"

Beau loves playing and posing

"Walter on his first visit jumping"

"Still fun on a wet day"

"Jumping for joy"

"Teddies first visit & loved it!"

"Little puddin"

"Did I do well?"

"So much to investigate"

"As always having a whale of time"

"Little Marley"

"having a blast, Apollo & Bella"

"Diesel and Friend"

"Shadow enjoying the hay bales"

"All ears and tongue"

"Living his best life"

"Martha, Bess, Isla, Emmy, and Jarvis"

"Beau loves playing on the agility equipment"

"Lola is so happy at Apollo's Park"

"Maggie 6 mths old beauty"

"Through the tyre and over the jumps!"

"Look pheasant!"

All year round fun for so many dogs .

Playing on the agility equipment, running over and through the giant hay bales or chilling out on the trampolines.

2021 Will be exciting year with a new name coming soon, new equipment and improved facilities.

"Great views"