How to Book

How to use the booking system

Select your chosen booking option from the list of available bookings. ie: 30 minutes 1 household booking

You can scrolling down to see all options by using the scroll bar or your finger within the screen.

Prices are shown on each option, along with 'See Details and 'See Times'.

NB: When using a Iphone mobile or IPad Chrome is the preferred internet explorer to Safari.

Please ensure your device is regularly maintained by clearing the cache, cookies and rebooted each week as this will prevent error messages.

Select the booking, click "See Details" for more information.

To book select "See Times" to show all the availability for each day, for your chosen booking.

Click "See Times" to choose a time slot that suits you - only the slots showing are available.

Choose a slot that suits you. or use the arrow keys << < > >> to scroll through the days/weeks.

Select the time to proceed on to booking

Please use your full name also the flag (+) is used so omitt '0' before your mobile number and check your email address is correct

Please enter your FULL name, email address and mobile number. The British flag replaces the '0' of your mobile number, with +44.

Please give an emergency number in case we need to contact a family member or friend in an emergency. You have to complete all questions and you MUST agree to the 'permission to contact' and the 'T&C's' so click on both boxes to continue. If you do not complete all sections you will get an error message and not be able to proceed to the payment method.

Your details are only retained within the system to inform you of your bookings, rescheduled notices, cancellations, reviews or update and offers.

Please contact us if you no longer require any of our services and wish your details to be removed.

Please see example opposite.

When complete, either click "Add another Booking" to add another session before paying.

When complete, click "Pay".

The payment screen is hosted by a Secure Online Payment system called Stripe. It is PCI compliant and uses industry standard security.

Fun 4 All Dog Club does not have access to your card details and these are not held online.

On completion of the payment, the screen will tell you that you have been successful and return to the Fun 4 All Dog Club internet site

You will receive an email to the address you supplied and the system will send an SMS to the phone number.

The email will allow you to reschedule* or cancel your booking outside of the final 24 hours prior to the session.

Fantastic, that was easy!

We can't wait to welcome you on your booked date!


Check email confirmations have not be directed into your Junk Box. Add the email address to your address book.

If you are having difficulty booking, make sure you have cleared your Cache and Cookies. Turn your phone off for at least 5 seconds and reboot or use a 'clean up junk' app.

Check you have a good WiFi or 4g signal, a low signal can slow or stop the booking process.

It is much easier for customers to book and change bookings from your own customer secure account dashboard. You can create your own from an email confirmation within 7 days from the link "see your booking here" link below the green tab.