How to book

How to use the booking system

Choose an option from the list of available sessions - the price and time allocated to the session is shown in each box.

To see what the session comprises, please click "See Details".

Click "See Times" to choose a time slot that suits you - only the slots showing are available.

Choose a slot that suits you.

Please enter all of your details shown, noting that you do NOT put a 0 in front of the Mobile phone number field. The flag denotes +44.

Please give an emergency contact number - this time including the initial 0. We ask for this in case we need to contact a friend or loved one in an emergency.

You need to put a tick in both boxes to continue with the booking.

Rest assured we will only keep your details in-house and never pass them on to a third party!

Please use your FULL NAME also you DO NOT use the '0' before your mobile number as the flag (=)

Please see example opposite.

When complete, either click "Add another Booking" to add another session before paying.

When complete, click "Pay".

The payment screen is hosted by a Secure Online Payment system called Stripe. It is PCI compliant and uses industry standard security.

Fun 4 All Dog Club does not have access to your card details and these are not held online.

UPDATE: Booking process for Iphone users, known Issue 2 November 2020 The software provider is aware and currently working on rectifying a known issue. As a temporary measure if Iphone users are experiencing a problem, please try putting into 'desktop mode'. If this is not possible please use a laptop or computer to make your book , alternatively call or message ourselves to make the booking for you. Thank you 07548392407 .

On completion of the payment, the screen will tell you that you have been successful and return to the Fun 4 All Dog Club internet site

You will receive an email to the address you supplied and the system will send an SMS to the phone number.

The email will allow you to reschedule* or cancel your booking outside of the final 24 hours prior to the session.

Fantastic, that was easy!

We can't wait to welcome you on your booked date!

* Please note that booking for the puppy / adolescent class can cancelled, but not rescheduled