Easy Walk - Figure 8 Headcollar Trigger Hook Lead from £14

Standard length £14.00

Medium length 1 additional handle £18.00

Long length 2 additional handles £20.00

Extra long length 3 additional handles £24.00

Embroidered customised with text of your choice or mobile, house number & postcode from £4.00

Customers photograph's

Pickle - head-collar & trigger option
Pickle - mid-wayhandle option
Ned - extra long lead for country walks
Ned - Easy Walk comfort

Half check Martingale collar

Plain £8 or embroidered with phone number £14 plus house number and postcode on the inside option £15


Simple to fit, over the head, with one quality 'snap buckle' fastening. Made to measure from £15

Tractive safe Pouch £5