Create and log into my account

Creating a new / logging into an existing account

The beauty of the Acuity booking system is that it ensures that you have a simple live account with full visibility of new or existing bookings and package / gift voucher codes.

It allows you to tie your account in with the iPhone and Android app (Acuity Scheduling) which is a free download from the appropriate store.

The system is secured with a password that only you know - we have no visibility of your passwords or access to your personal account.

For existing customers

To log in and see existing bookings, you must use the email address you originally when booking the appointment.

For existing customers, if you are unable to remember your original email address, please call Helen on 07714 931918 to confirm.

Go to the bookings page

Locate "Log in" in the top right corner

Enter your email address in the new box that opens and enter a random set of characters in the Password box (ie "qwerty")

Click Log in (NOT "Or continue without logging in")

The system will not recognise your password and the page will change back to the booking page.

Scrolling down will show a new added line saying "Incorrect password" in a pink box

Click "Forgot your password"

A new box will appear requesting your email address (it may already show your email address previously entered)

Click "Reset Password"

A new page will open showing that an email has been sent to your email to reset the password

Open your email and check for an email from "Acuity Scheduling" - if this is not in your Inbox , please check your Spam or Junk folder

Click "Reset Password"

Once again, Gilbert's Gallop booking screen will open and you will be presented with the link to "Click here to reset your password"

Click the link and you will be presented with a box asking you to set your new password

Re-enter your password twice (to verify)

Click "Change Password" at the bottom

Most browsers will ask you at this point to save your password in a small box (top right)

Please click "Save" so the system can log you in on future visits

Please note down the password and store it in a safe place - following the normal process for any other passwords that you currently follow.

If you forget your password in the future, you can revisit this method to reset the password at any time.

The system will automatically log you into your account after you have changed the password.

Congratulations, you have now created your account and set the password for future visits

You can now start making bookings and download the app to your device, using the details you have entered above or via the QR code that will appear after you book new appointments