How to install and use the app on a phone or tablet

The Acuity Scheduling app can seem daunting at first, however it is very simple to use and will soon become second nature!

After booking your first order, you are presented with a QR code on the right of the screen

Please point your phone camera at this and you will offered a web address to click on.

Example QR code

This will open your device store (ie Apple Store or Google Play) and download the Acuity Scheduling client.

Note - if you are using the app for another business, this will add the Gilbert's Gallop appointment schedule to your existing Acuity Scheduling application

When the app has installed, click "Open"

The first thing you should see is the image to the right, showing your Gilbert's Gallop account (pic 1)

Please note - you will also see any other businesses if you are using Acuity Scheduling app for appointments with them

Please note - If you see a "Hi" page, click the X in the top right hand corner to close this (pic 2)



At the bottom of the screen are the different screens you can go into in the app (pic 3)

The first (house icon) is your home tab where you can start a new booking (pic 4)

The second tab (calendar icon) shows your existing (and past) bookings (pic 5)

The third (order icon) shows any vouchers and coupons you may have (pic 6)

The fourth (person icon) shows details about your account, ie Log in, etc (pic 7)


Tab examples

4 Home tab (example)

5 Appointments tab (example)

6 Orders / vouchers tab

7 Account details tab

On the home tab, click on the box that shows "Gilbert's Gallop Secure Dog Walking Field->" (under Businesses) to start a new booking

Scroll down past the welcome screen to "Choose a category" (pic 8)

Click the category you require to expand the menu options (pic 9)

In this example we have used "1 Household Booking - all your own dogs" (pic 10)

The image and wording explains the appointment type and length as well as the cost of the booking




When you have chosen your required booking, you will be offered a list of times and dates that are currently available (pic 11)

If you want to change the date, you can click "MORE TIMES" to show the next week of availability

After choosing a time, you will be offered a small menu in blue showing either "Continue", "Add a time" or "Recurring" (pic 12)

"Continue" allows you to go to the payments page, "Add a time" will let you choose another appointment as well before payment and "Recurring" lets you set up a recurring appointment (where possible)

Clicking "Done" at the top cancels the booking process



The details screen is where you enter your name (if it is not aleady filled in), phone number and asks a couple of basic questions.

You must agree to Gilbert's Gallop terms and conditions to continue - they can be found here

When you have completed this, click "Pay now >>" (pic 13)

The payment portal is secure and we do not keep any card details. All payments are made through Stripe and regulated

Enter your card details and your postcode and click "Pay and Confirm >>" (or click "Cancel" to cancel the process and return to the Home tab) (pic 14)

The app will now confirm your successful booking (pic 15)

gnore the offer to install the app as you already have it installed

At the bottom of the success page you can also schedule another appointment




You will receive emails from both Gilbert's Gallop and Stripe to confirm the booking

From the Home tab, go to Calendar tab and see your booking (pic 16)

If you tap the appoin tment, you can either add it to your device calendar, edit the form (ie change number of dogs, whether you are a business owner) or reschedule as necessary (pic 17)

Rescheduling will allow you to move the booking to another date and time and is only available outside of the final 24 hours before the appointment (pic 18)

To reschedule, please refer back to the paragraph above containing pic 11




Congratulations, you are now an expert with the Acuity Scheduling app!

Now, see if you can repeat it without the instructions and book your dog some more wonderful appointments at their favourite field

Gilbert's Gallop!