How to Book Guide

From Catagories Select the Booking Option

If you are taking just your own dogs, select 1 household - the colour option is yellow.

If you will be meeting with family or friends, select the correct number of households.

Example: You are meeting with 2 friends - select an option for 3 Households.

Please note for each household booking, the equivalent number of cars are permitted to use the main car park and/or the secure parking area.

Select Length of Booking

Each booking option has a 'length of booking time' up to 120 minutes.

Booking Options

If you require only one booking, click on Continue to proceed to the next section of your information and payment.

However, you may at this stage select a further booking or bookings before proceeding to the next section.

If it is a different time and day, click Add a Time or if you would like the same booking and time every day/week/month, click Recurring...

The Add a Time and Recurring... will only require you to complete your information once and make a single payment.

Your Information

Enter your details, complete the simple questionaire and then agree to the Terms and Conditions.

You can pay either by a current Package or Gift code or proceed to payment.

Please note

Check you have entered your phone number and email address correctly as these are used to send the confirmation and reminder emails and text.

If you don't receive a confirmation email, please check your Junk or Spam folder.

Your email address will be linked to your account when you create one. You will be invited on either your next / 2nd booking or by rescheduling the first booking.

If you click the unsubscribe on emails, you will not receive further confirmations or reminders. This will mean you will not have the require gate code to access Gilbert's Gallop.

To re-enable emails, just click "Unsubscribe" again in one of the emails previously sent and choose "Re-subscribe" to re-enable your email reminders and text messages.

Confirmation Screen

Once you have completed the payment, the next screen will be your confirmation.

At this stage, if you are using a PC or ipad, you can scan with your mobile devices camera, your unique QR code as shown on the right side of the confirmation details. This will enable you to download the app and create your own persona; secure account.

Download Acuity Scheduling App when you make a booking or reschedule an existing one.

It will appear on the confirmation screen on your device.

This QR code (example on the left) is unique to you. Create an account and a password using the same email address you used to make the booking. Then each time you use the app it will automatically log you in to your secure account. You will have access to your upcoming and past booked appointments. You will also see your package certificate code if you have one and it will show any remaining balances.

Please see the Acuity Scheduling app page for information on how to use the app on your phone or tablet