Exempt Dog Breeds

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Terms and Conditions for Exempt Breeds

This transition period may be a difficult and stressful time for owners of the newly banned breed and types having to comply with new regulations set by the government and insurance companies. 


Many pet business providers are working hard to ensure that these owners with their pets can still have access to their secure free-running spaces, training and grooming facilities.


Honesty and integrity are paramount for this to work, enabling them to continue to offer services for these dogs from 31st December 2023

Before making a booking or attending an appointment


When using the Secure Car Parking Area:

When using the Main Car Park:

Booking for a one-household

Booking a Multi-Household appointment

Failure to comply with any of these conditions or when requested to supply information / evidence to meet our insurance restricted requirements will have all appointments cancelled and future bookings declined.  

Please email the documentation evidence here before your visit, regardless of when the booking was purchased.

Please refer to the Government UK guidelines for more information on the DDA updates:

Check if your dog is a XL Bully

Definition of a XL Bully

Apply for a Certificate of Exemption

Prepare for the Ban

Prepare for Neutering Timeline **