Fun 4 All Dog Club was started by Helen in August 2008 with a small Flyball class - and it has grown! 

Here is how we have become what we are today. 

Back in 2008, Fun 4 All was formed when I was one of three dog owners featured for a whole year in the popular and informative monthly Your Dog Magazine.  As a diarist my activities with the dogs were published every month.  It was a memorable year to have in print with the conception and growth of Fun 4 All Dog Club.  The magazine printed the unforgettable monthly antics of Ella, Measles and the lovable, but extremely naughty black Labrador, Rupert. 

Rupert was, overall, a typical Labrador, however he really had taken his desire for food to the extreme and gained his own fan club in the process.  The diary concluded in March 2009.  The magazine certainly promoted the growth of the club. I had already been an Agility and Basic Obedience Instructor for some time. In 2008 I took an instructors course qualifying as an ACAI Qualified Agility Club, Approved Basic Instructor and soon the time was right to move forward. In later years I completed many courses including Kennel Club Bronze and puppy instructor.

For a bit of fun in the Autumn of 2010, I was invited by ITV to appear with my Great Dane, Measles, in the first episode of the Michael Ball Show. This was for Measles to perform with two of Michael's fans in a simple giant breed agility competition.  It was funny - giant breed dogs performing Agility in just 22 sq ft of stage floor space!

From 2009 to 2011, I wrote monthly dog articles for The Forest Magazine, Charnwood's then-popular free full-colour magazine.  It was fun to write funny, interesting and informative articles every month.  The reader's feedback was extremely positive and very rewarding.

In 2011 I was asked by the Your Dog Magazine to be a a guest expert for the February issue, answering readers' questions on Agility, Flyball and Rally Obedience. 

Then in May 2016, after 8 years in the fields behind The Bulls Head pub, we moved to the beautiful setting of Lubcloud Farm on Charley Road, situated on the border of Shepshed.

What's changed?

On 1 December 2020, I made the decision to change the name of the park to honour Gilbert, my Great Dane seen below. 

So we are now officially...  Fun 4 All Dog Club - Gilbert's Gallop!

On 6th December 2021, we did further improvements with the booking process transferring owver to Acuity Scheduling system that offers an App for mobile and tablet devices.

Gilbert, the biggest Dane for miles. 38" high to his shoulders and 41" neck to tail!

Helen, Measles, Rupert and Ella.  

Photo by courtesy of 'Your Dog' Magazine 2008

Weaver 2010-2011
Ella 2004-2018
Bentley 2010-

Tux  at 2 months old 2021-

       Ned  2017-
     Rupert 1999-2012
Measles 2006-2011
(with Ned) Gilbert 2011-2020